• PET camera installed in July 2008.  This Biograph 6 True POINT HIREZ (Siemens, Knoxville) Positron Emission Tomography (TEP) apparatus is coupled with full-body TomoDensitoMetry (TDM) equipment. The PET part is composed of 32448 LSO crystals (NEC 165 kcps, sensitivity 7.9) making it possible to acquire 109 sections for a physical axial field of view of 21.6 cm. The measurements needed for auto attenuation correction are acquired using the tomodensitometer. This tool possesses software to correct the partial volume effect, which can give spatial resolutions after correction close to 2.5 mm. An injector of contrast medium (MEDRAD Stemmant) is associated with the equipment.
  • A fluorination platform for fluorination and quality control of molecules of biological interest under radiopharmaceutical conditions (radiopharmacist in charge: M. Tafani). This unit comprises two synthesis automats, a Synchron (Raytest) and an Explora GN (Siemens).

Centre TEP

Combining these two structures enables many physiological and physiopathological processes to be explored in vivo by PET after injection of the radio pharmaceuticals synthesized at the PET centre.
Pierre Payoux (MCU/PH, Inserm U825)