This is fitted out with all the equipment for histological sections to be prepared from deep-frozen, paraffin preserved or fresh anatomical tissues. The sections are stained using neuro-anatomical marking protocols practiced in basic histochemistry (Nissl, hemalin-eosine, myelin staining) immunohistochemistry (glial and neuron markers, neurotransmitters and their synthesis enzymes and revelation of neurone tracers) and histoenzymology (alkaline phosphatase, cytochrome oxydase, acetylcholine esterase, NOS).
These detection tools, assisted by white-light or fluorescence optical microscopy are used for morphometric and densitometric image analysis, quantification by mapping, 3D reconstruction and reconstruction of sections by image mosaics (Optimas and EploraNova software).



Preparation of cryosections


Slide microtome

Preparation of paraffin sections of small and large samples.
This microtome can be used with a refrigerating unit (0 and -45°C) for frozen sections of large anatomical samples



Sections taken from fixed or fresh tissues

Microscopy facilities

- Leica DMRB HC microscope equipped with a fluorescence unit, a 3CCD analogue camera (Sony 990) and ExploraNovaR image analysis software

- Leica DMRB microscope equipped with a Sony 3CCD analogue camera and OptimasR image analysis software


Genotyping station

This enables an individual to be assessed in the framework of transgenic line monitoring. The post has a thermocycler, electrophoresis apparatus (gel preparation and migration) and a UV table with an optical bench above it for taking photos.