PETRA: Facilities for technical studies and research in hearing

The PETRA auditory facility is an audiometric booth for experiments in production (recordings) and perception (hearing).

The technical equipment is made up of various audio devices (microphones, loud speakers, mixing equipment, multitracks, etc.) and IT technology (OSX and Windows, SoundTrack Pro, PRAAT, FreeMat, etc.) for the acquisition, analysis and processing of acoustic signals. The sound reproduction equipment makes it possible to carry out complete hearing tests (audiometric tests, psycho-acoustic tests, horizontal orientation, high sound levels, etc.) and provides the possibility of combining the tests with behavioural psychology protocols (Presentation, SuperLab) and envisaging the use (depending on equipment availability) of complements such as EEG or Eye Tracking .
This facility is situated on the campus of the University of Toulouse - Le Mirail and funded by the CNRS. It is completed by a dedicated file server, intended for storing sound samples (can be extended up to 4Tbytes).

A second extension of the booth situated in the Baudot building at Purpan hospital is under development.

CLLE - UMR 5263 mixed research unit
Octogone-Lordat - EA4156 interdisciplinary research unit
CERTOPP - UMR 5044 mixed research unit

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