The IFR is going to be equipped with a Philips ACHIEVA 3T MRI with a short magnet dedicated to research activities in the Neurosciences. This MRI will be installed in the course of 2009 when the refurbishment work on the Baudot building is finished.

Various items of stimulation equipment will be installed when it is brought into service (video projector, screen, response unit, communication headset, physiological data sensor, etc.) together with equipment for recording eye movements (Eye tracker). This equipment will be completed as the needs arise in the research themes that are developed.

The administrative aspects of how the technical resources are to be used (reservation of time slots, cost, opening to outside users ...) will be decided shortly.

In parallel, the neuroradiology department of Purpan hospital is currently equipped with an identical Philips 3T MRI. A temporary research position is proposed so that the functional MRI research activities of the IFR can continue until the Baudot building comes into service.

Hélène Gros-Dagnac (IR Inserm)
Nathalie Vayssière (IR Cnrs)
Gérard Viallard (IE Inserm)