Troubles of language (U825 - Octogone)

  • Aphasia of vascular origin
  • Dementia
  • Dyslexia

Troubles of vision (CerCo – U825 – Octogone)

  • Perception of space after cerebral or vestibular lesion
  • Visual identification and categorizing: deficiencies of magnocellular system; heminegligent patients; patients with central scotoma (AMD, Stargardt); agnosia; aphasia
  • Dyslexic children
  • Processing of faces by autistic children

Physiopathology of motor behaviour and cerebral activation (U825 - Octogone) -

  • Stroke: physiopathology and treatment of sensory-motor deficits
  • Parkinson's disease and abnormal movements
  • Dysarthria in Parkinson's disease

Cerebral degeneration processes (U825 - Octogone)

  • Neuropsychological and functional imaging study of cerebral degeneration processes (Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases): interest of early diagnosis and patient follow-up
  • Study of cognitive automatisms in normal ageing.

Balance and posture (CerCo)

  • Functional exploration of vestibular system with applications in the domain of re-education of patients with otolith or vestibular canal troubles