Vision (CerCo)

  • Perception of space: retinal bases of 3-D visual perception; reconstruction of space by the cortex; influence of extraretinal signals on 3-D perception; internal representation of space
  • Identification and categorizing: developmental studies; ultra-rapid processing of information in categorizing tasks; cerebral mechanisms involved in ultra-rapid categorizing; processing dynamics

Language (U825 - CerCo - Octogone - Fédération de Neurologie)

  • Production: phonetics and phonology; vocabulary, morphology, syntax; discourse
  • Perception/Comprehension: phonetics and phonology; perception and didactics of French as a foreign language; morphology; vocabulary; syntax; pragmatics and language; comprehension/memorizing of texts; oral comprehension, multimodality and cognition; bilingualism, translation and cognition
  • Cerebral correlates of various aspects of the language function

Fundamentals of cerebral activation: cerebral microcirculation (U825 - CerCo)

  • Morphometric and topological characterization of microvascular networks of certain primary and secondary areas of the human cortex: areas 4 and 6 for motor studies, and areas 41, 21 and 44 for language studies. Comparison with primate (marmoset)
  • Simulation of blood flows and gaseous exchanges in the micro-networks, using models of fluid biomechanics: precise analysis of distribution of pressures, flows, velocities
  • Experimental validation of the models in man and other primates by physiological and pharmacological activation tests inducing vasodilatation