Dynamics of processing and cortical interactions (CerCo)

  • Study of function of cortico-cortical connections
    - Feedback connections and integration of global  perception and local processing
    - Interactions between dorsal and ventral pathways and between feedforward and feedback connections
    - Early interactions between auditory and visual sensory modes 

  • Development of connections and angiogenesis
    - Cortical angiogenesis
    - Development of multisensory integration processes in the marmoset
    - Role and development of alkaline phosphatase activity

  • Neuronal basis of visual perception
    - Intrasaccadic perception
    - V4 area and attention: electrophysiological recordings

Space perception in awake monkey (CerCo)

  • Retinal basis of 3-D perception
    - Role of binocular disparity signals 
    - V4 area and 3-D perception from monocular indications; modularity of V2-V4 connections
    - Influence of colour (chromostereopsis)

  • Reconstruction of space by the cortex. Influence of extraretinal signals on 3-D perception
    - Muscular proprioceptive signals
    - Auditory signals

Ultra-rapid visual categorizing (CerCo - Octogone)

  • Man/monkey comparison: language, a necessary prerequisite?
  • Neuronal and dynamic mechanisms of visual processing:
    - Effects linked to the characteristics of the stimuli and the demands of the task
    - Parallelism of visual processing
    - Relative roles of feedforward and feedback information
  • Role of V4 area: effects of reversible  inactivation