3 T fMRI scientific projects

Transversal scientific projects in connection with the installation of the 3 T fMRI dedicated to research form part of the various research themes of IFR96 :

Language - Categorizing

1 – Study of the cerebral basis for discriminating-categorizing language stimuli in auditory, visual and tactile mode. Applications to dyslexic and brain-damaged patients.
Coordinators: Pierre Celsis and Jean-François Démonet – U825.
2 - Rapid visual processing of natural scenes presented in RSVP conditions: an event-related fMRI study.
Coordinators : Simon Thorpe and Michèle Fabre-Thorpe – CerCo.

3 - Interactions between language and rapid visual processes: a study of normal and aphasic humans, and monkeys.
Coordinators: Jean-Luc Nespoulous and Michèle Fabre-Thorpe – Octogone and CerCo.

4 – On the role of the level of linguistic expertise in the processing of several languages by the human brain/mind: interpreters vs. bilinguals vs. learners.
Coordinators: Jean-Luc Nespoulous and Jean-François Démonet – Octogone and U825.

5 – Study of the cerebral basis of verb processing in normal subjects.


6 – Three-dimensional vision: time aspects.
Coordinator: CerCo.

7 – Retinotopsis and function in the low-level visual areas of the cortex.
Coordinator: CerCo.

8 – Cortical representation of three-dimensional visual space.
Coordinator: Yves Trotter – CerCo.

9 - Development of face recognition: the role of the eyes and inversion.
Coordinator: CerCo.

10 – Anatomical MRI: visualization of macaque and marmoset brains.
Coordinators: Jean Bullier, Simona Celebrini, Michèle Fabre-Thorpe, Caroline Fonta, Pascal Girard, Ghislaine Richard and Yves Trotter – CerCo.

Motor behaviour

11 – Study of functional recovery after stroke. Modulation by re-education and drugs.
Coordinators: François Chollet – U825.

12 – fMRI of brain motor activation in patients suffering from multisystem atrophy: comparison with Parkinson's disease and dopaminergic response.
Coordinator: Olivier Rascol - U825 and CIC.

13 - Pharmacological study of pain in Parkinson's disease using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI).
Coordinator: Christine Brefel-Courbon – U825.

14 – Diffusion tensor imaging in multiple sclerosis: assessment of its value for predicting disability.
Coordinators: Isabelle Berry and Michel Clanet – U825 and Neurology Federation.

Methodology projects

15 - Methods for analyzing the connectivity among brain areas in functional MRI.
Coordinator: Abdel-Kader Boulanouar – U825.

16 - Fusion of data from functional and anatomical NMR imaging and data for locating sources of electricity obtained from event-related potentials.
Coordinators: Pierre Celsis, Bernard Doyon and Jean-Pierre Morucci - U825

17 – Vascular and functional reactivity of PET and fMRI parameters according to vascular density. Attempts at interpretation using mathematical models.
Coordinators: Francis Cassot and Jean-Pierre Marc-Vergnes – U825

18 - Validation of localization of functional MRI signal by correlation with peroperative cortical stimulation.
Coordinator: Isabelle Berry - U825

19 – Prognostic value of analysis by NMR spectroscopy of choline-containing compounds in primitive brain tumours.
Coordinators: Isabelle Berry – U825 and Jean Sabatier –Neurosurgery department (Purpan).